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Memphis is situated alongside the Mississippi River in southwest Tennessee and is known for its music. Elvis Presley, B.B. King, and Johnny Cash recorded albums at the legendary Sun Studio, and Memphis is the home of the blues, soul, and rock ‘n’ roll. Graceland mansion, where Elvis lived, is one of the most popular attractions in the city. The Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum, Blues Hall of Fame, and Stax Museum of American Soul Music are also located in Memphis. Besides a world-class music scene, Memphis has a good job market and a low cost of living. Historic neighborhoods, tons of restaurants, a thriving art scene, and many other cultural amenities make Memphis an attractive place to live.

A nationwide study of violent crime and property crime by the safety and security site SafeWise rates Memphis as the second most dangerous big city in the countryWhen you’re looking for a place to live in Memphis, you’re probably searching for a neighborhood that is safe for adults, kids, and seniors. Though Memphis crime rates may be a bit high, Memphis can still be a very safe city! There are a number of safe neighborhoods in Memphis for you to choose from if you know where to look. We’ve listed the safest neighborhoods in Memphis here for you.

Crime Stats in Memphis

Crime is divided into two categories, violent and property crime. The 4 offenses that make up violent crime are homicide, rape, robbery, and assault/aggravated assault. Property crime is made up of 3 offenses, which are burglary, larceny, and motor vehicle theft. The crime rate for a city is determined by the total number of crimes committed in the city divided by the total population. The result is then multiplied by 100,000. The crime rate for a city is further broken down into violent crimes and property crimes.

The overall crime rate in Memphis is 237% higher than the national average. Violent crime is 506% above the average in the rest of the US, and property crime is 184% higher. The Memphis Public Safety map shows you where incidents have occurred in Memphis. You can search by boundaries to see activity in specific neighborhoods, select specific incident types, and search for a specific date range. Just type in an address and adjust the map options to what you’re looking for. You can even create daily, monthly, or weekly alerts to stay current on where and when crimes are occurring in Memphis. Here is a general overview of crime in Memphis:

  • Chance of being a victim of a crime: 1 in 12
  • Total crime rate per 100,000: 8,030
  • Chance of being a victim of a violent crime: 1 in 53
  • Violent crime rate per 100,000: 1,901
  • Chance of being a victim of property crime: 1 in 16
  • Property crime rate per 100,000: 6,128

Safest Neighborhoods in Memphis

You might be moving to Memphis for a job opportunity or to be closer to family or friends, but you want to live in a friendly neighborhood that’s safe for you and your family. Although Memphis is not considered generally safe overall, you can find the right neighborhood that will give you peace of mind. Knowing which neighborhoods to avoid, and which to stick to is key. We’ve compiled a list below of the safest neighborhoods in Memphis.

Cooper-Young | Safest Memphis Neighborhood for Inner City

  • Crime: Safer than 11% of Tennessee cities
  • Median Home Price: $240,000
  • Great for: Those who love an artsy vibe

If you’re looking to stay within the city and near downtown, you can’t go wrong with Cooper-Young. The population of Cooper-Young is 2,858. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have kids in the area! This is an artsy neighborhood in a safe area of Memphis that is full of young professionals. It’s conveniently located near The Children’s Museum, which is full of exhibits that families will love! It’s also a thriving LGBTQ+ community, so you’ll find a very diverse atmosphere right near downtown.

  • Crime: Safer than 46% of Memphis neighborhoods
  • Median home price: $255,000
  • Great for: Young professionals who want to be near downtown

Though many of the safest neighborhoods in Memphis are outside of the city, Midtown is one that is safe and great for young professionals who want a city feel without all of the crime. The population of Midtown is 6,881. With plenty of nightlife, including live music venues, bars, and nightclubs, this is the spot for those who are big into the city scene and feel. Midtown is home to the Memphis Zoo, historic Overton Park, and multiple entertainment districts.

Windyke | One of the Safest Neighborhoods in Memphis

  • Crime: 54% lower than the national average, Property crime is 59% lower than the rest of the US.
  • Median home price: $201,846
  • Great for: Young working families

The crime rate in Windyke-Southwind is well below the national average and the property crime rate is even lower. The cost of living in this neighborhood of 10,884 residents is 1% above the rest of the US, and the housing is 29% over the national average. But the slightly higher cost of living is worth the peace of mind of living in one of the safest neighborhoods in the state. Windyke-Southwind also offers excellent amenities such as the Windyke Country Club and the Mike Rose Soccer Complex.

Eads | Safe Memphis Neighborhood for Families

  • Crime: 40% lower than the national average
  • Median home price: $197,233
  • Great for: Families looking for rural living near the amenities of suburban life

Eads and Fisherville are two unincorporated communities combined for zoning purposes with a combined population of 14,121. As they are located about 30 miles east of downtown Memphis, these two neighborhoods have a rural feel with lots of space between homes. Although you won’t find many amenities there, you’re only 15 minutes away from grocery stores, restaurants, shopping centers, and more. The cost of living in Eads-Fisherville is high compared to the rest of Memphis, but it’s lower than the rest of the country. The crime rate there is 40% lower than the national average.

River Oaks-Kirby-Balmoral | Safest Memphis Neighborhood for Kids

  • Crime: 111% above the national average
  • Median home price: $281,430
  • Great for: Families with children

The River Oaks-Kirby-Balmoral suburb, with a population of 43,038, is made up of many smaller subdivisions and micro-neighborhoods that are perfect for young families raising kids. With plenty of commercial districts and extensive green spaces, River Oaks-Kirby-Balmoral is a beautiful area of Memphis. Shelby Farms Park is great for outdoor lovers and families, with 4,500 acres of green space, 40 miles of scenic trails, over 20 lakes for fishing, boating, or kayaking, and two restaurants. The crime rate in River Oaks-Kirby-Balmoral is well above the national averages, but much lower than the average in Memphis.

East Memphis | Safe Memphis Neighborhood for Students

  • Crime: 199% above the national average
  • Median home price: $133,731
  • Great for: Students and singles

The East Memphis neighborhood is one the largest in Memphis, with 107,753 residents, and is a mix of urban and suburban lifestyles. The cost of living is low there, and housing prices are slightly higher than the Memphis average. The crime rate is high there, at 199% of the national average, but it’s lower than in the inner city. For outdoor recreation, East features the Memphis Country Club, the Links at Galloway, Audubon Park, and more.

High Crime Areas of Memphis to Avoid

Although Memphis is a great place to live, some areas are unsafe and should be avoided. Downtown and similar areas have very high crime rates. Here is a list of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Memphis that you should avoid.

  • Shelby Forest-Frayser (pop: 34,952): crime rate is 285% of the national average
  • Downtown Memphis (pop: 11,487): 3,070 violent crimes per 100k people
  • Parkway Village-Oakhaven (pop: 39,436): property crime 7,838 per 100k people
  • White Haven-Coro Lake (pop: 88,153): crime rate is 245% higher than the national average
  • Berclair-Highland Heights (pop: 33,880): violent crime is 535% greater than the national average.

Safest Memphis Neighborhoods FAQs

  • Is it safe to live in Memphis, TN?

Memphis is safer than only 4% of US cities, according to the crime index. However, compared to many cities of comparable size, the crime rate in Memphis is surprisingly lower. Cities such as Charlotte, Orlando, and San Antonio all have higher crime rates than Memphis.

  • Is downtown Memphis safe?

By the numbers, downtown isn’t a safe place, but downtown is a popular area for tourists and day trips.

  • What parts of Memphis should I avoid?

The inner-city areas of Memphis are the ones with the highest crime rates and should be avoided, especially at night.

Memphis is a great place to live, and when you know where the safe neighborhoods are and which areas to stay away from, you’ll feel safe and secure living there and enjoying all the amenities the city has to offer. If you’re ready to move to Memphis, Big League Movers can help make your move an easy and efficient one. Call Big League movers today at 901-446-3560  for your free quote!


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