Pianos are not as common in American homes as they once were, but they are still a cherished way to bring music into the home. In Memphis, pianos have long been part of music in religious worship and the city is known for its soul, gospel, blues, and rock ‘n’roll. Your piano may be an heirloom passed down from a parent or grandparent and something you hope to pass on to your children. This instrument adds joy to your home and can help foster a love of classical music and music theory in children.

When you are ready to move, your piano deserves special care and respect to avoid damage. Did you know modern pianos have up to 10,000 moving parts? When choosing dependable, modern piano movers in Memphis, make sure you choose movers with the equipment and training necessary to ensure your piano makes it to your new home unharmed.

Big League Movers is one of the best piano moving companies in Memphis and committed to giving your instrument the special attention it needs on moving day.

Why Hire Big League Movers?

Whether you’re moving near or far, you already have a lot on your plate. Moving can be a physically demanding and stressful experience without the right help. One of the hardest aspects of moving? Relocating large and/or delicate items that may come with logistical challenges. Pianos are both fragile and heavy, not to mention expensive. A piano can weigh up to 800 pounds and contain thousands of delicate internal parts. Moving a piano in Memphis isn’t a DIY task; it requires skill and the right tools to avoid damage. Our Memphis piano movers are a cost-effective solution to:

  • Prevent damage to your piano from improper moving techniques
  • Avoid damage to your home while the piano is moved
  • Reduce the risk of damage to delicate internal components
  • Avoid the risk of injury and physical strain moving an item that weighs hundreds of pounds
  • Overcome the logistical challenges of moving a large item, especially from a second story

Cost is a major concern that prompts many people to attempt a DIY piano move. However, the cost of piano movers in Memphis is nothing compared to the cost of damage to hardwood floors and walls, the piano itself, or injury to yourself or a pet or child. Remember that it doesn’t take much to cause serious damage to a piano. Even piano tuning can cost $150 or more, but serious scratches or damage to moving parts can easily cost hundreds or more to repair.

Ready to move and want your piano to make it to your new home without injury, damage, heavy lifting, or risk? Turn to Big League Movers!

Our Memphis Piano Movers Use Specialized Equipment & Training

While you may not attempt to move a grand piano on your own, an upright piano may seem like an easier task. However, don’t underestimate how delicate pianos truly are! Your piano has up to 10,000 (or even more!) moving parts that are sensitive to vibration, movement, and position. Improper technique can cause costly damage to the internal components. Our trustworthy classic piano movers in Memphis bring the experience, training, and specialized equipment needed to safely move your instrument.

At Big League Movers, our Memphis piano movers use our own specialized piano moving equipment to protect your piano (and your floors) from damage. This includes:

  • Piano dollies are used to carefully transport upright pianos down stairways, through doorways, and up the truck loading ramp
  • Piano skid boards are used to safely move baby grand and grand pianos once the legs are removed so the piano can be tipped
  • Shrink wrap, tie-down straps, and moving blankets are all used to protect your piano’s exterior from scratches while it’s being moved and on the truck
  • Hardware floor sliders are used to prevent floor impressions that may be used while using a dolly

Not all movers are prepared for the task of moving a piano, but many will still eagerly offer to move your delicate and cherished piano without the proper training and equipment. At Big League Movers, all our piano movers in Memphis receive special training on the correct techniques for moving all types of pianos. This ensures the proper care and steps are taken to get your instrument to your new home without harm.

Best Memphis Piano Moving Companies – How to Choose the Best One

Not all movers are capable of moving a piano, and not all piano moving companies in Memphis are equal. Your heirloom instrument deserves movers you can trust to deliver the experience, skill, technique, and equipment necessary.

Here is what you should look for in professional piano movers in Memphis you can trust:

  • Licensed and insured to protect you if anything goes wrong or your piano is inadvertently damaged
  • Positive company reviews and testimonials
  • Years of experience performing piano moving services
  • Uses specialized piano moving equipment
  • Background checked movers trained in proper piano moving techniques
  • Low claims rate

Here in Memphis, Big League Movers is a locally owned company with affordable piano movers you can trust. Our company is fully licensed and insured. We are proud of the hundreds of 5-star reviews we have earned on Google based on thousands of moves completed over our 12-year history. You can count on our clean-cut, background checked, and uniformed piano movers to deliver the level of customer care and outstanding service you expect. We own all of our own specialized piano moving equipment and ensure our movers are trained and up for the task.

Ready to relocate and need help with affordable piano movers in Memphis, TN? Call Big League Movers today at 901-446-3471 or fill out the Request a Quote form to get started with a free piano moving quote.


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