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Less than 10 miles East from the grand and peerless waters of the Mississippi River rests the small yet mighty city of Millington, TN. As a suburb of Memphis, Millington is a part of Shelby County and is otherwise known as “Flag City Tennessee”. The city dates back to 1878 when the local mill owner, George Millington, donated a chunk of his plantation for settlement. The city of Millington was named in his honor and is now featured in Faye Ellis Osteen’s book Millington, the First Hundred Years. Millington, TN is known for being home to the Navy Support Activity Mid-South base, and former home to the world-famous pop singer, Justin Timberlake. Millington draws in those hungry for a small country town with a dense suburban atmosphere all within a 25-minute drive (17 miles) from the shining city of Memphis.

Millington, TN Population & Demographics

The rapidly developing and expanding city of Millington is within the ​​Memphis Metropolitan Area. With the land area at 22.42 square miles, the population of Millington is 10,645 and there has been a steady population increase of 13% in the last year. The median household income in Millington is $52,500 –just slightly below the state average. The jobs in Millington have been increasing by 2.1% in the last year which is good news for the 6.8% unemployed.

Millington’s demographics show a very ethnically diverse city with whites taking up 65.22% of the population and blacks making up 27%. The remaining 7.2% and 3.98% go to Hispanics and Asians. Millington consists of 52.4% females which leave 47.6% for the males

Millington is known by its residents to be a very safe-feeling area with an excellent environment to raise a family. Despite how secure it may feel in many areas, the total crime in Millington is higher than the US average. However, this crime is mostly property crime in specific spots – so choosing a safe or gated neighborhood, locking your doors, and keeping your furry best friend nearby should do the job. Regardless of the crime stats, you’ve got all 2,058 police officers in the Memphis City Police Department to watch your back.

Cost of Living in Millington, TN

For being within the brilliant state of Tennessee and of several lovely attractions, the cost of living in Millington is great for all that it offers. To live in Millington means you’ll be paying 16% less than the national average. The sales tax in Millington is 9.95%, and the income tax sits at 0% – this no doubt beats the US median of a 4.6% income tax. If you’re planning to purchase a home, the average Millington house price is $240,000 –as specified by Redfin which is 25% lower than the US average. Likewise, apartments in Millington come in at an average rent of $810 per unit.

Millington, TN Everyday Expenses

Here’s an idea of Millington, Tennessee’s everyday costs provided by Numbeo:

  • Basic utilities – $178.49
  • Internet – $75.11
  • A gallon of milk – $2.99
  • Carton of eggs – $1.60
  • Gas – $2.18

Best Neighborhoods & Places to Live in Millington, TN

The majority of neighborhoods in Millington are perceived to be the ideal mix of tranquil and quiet residential areas within the small yet lively city. Millington consists of seven constituent neighborhoods – Rosemark, Woodstock, Kerrville, West Union, Bethuel Rd, Pleasant Ridge Rd, and City Center. Although the city has a mix of both wealth and some poverty, most neighborhoods in Millington are recognized as having well-kept houses, stores, and even friendly neighbors that become life-long friends. Rosemark is a great example due to its detached single-family homes all an arms reach away from the Orgill Park Golf Course. Another welcoming and safe area in Millington is West Union near Camp Conquest. This neighborhood is known for being a popular spot for college students due to its walkable location.

All locations provide about a 17-mile distance from Millington to Memphis which is about a 23-minute drive. Wherever you choose to settle, not only are you bound to meet someone in the armed forces, but Millington’s rural atmosphere and proximity to the incredibly scenic city of Memphis are sure to fulfill your future-resident longings. You can check out the Parks & Recreation Department for a full description of all the parks in Millington.

Millington, TN Climate & Weather

Being in the southeastern region of the US, Millington is likely to experience pleasurable seasons of spring, summer, and fall, whereas the winters are rather mild and short-lived. The snowfall in Millington has an average of 3 inches of snow per year – over 9 times less than the US average. The Millington climate will give you 34 inches of rain per year, and your face will be kept warm during all 212 days of sunshine. Millington experiences a low of 30 degrees Fahrenheit in winter and a high of 91 degrees Fahrenheit in summer. With this being said, the best months to visit Millington, TN are in May, October, and September.

Photo map of millington

Things to Do in Millington, TN

Millington is full of lively and convenient amenities and many fun activities. In case you’re in need of spending, you’ve got the shopping malls of Millington Farms and Millington Square right down the road. Some other fun things to do in and near Millington are listed below:

Mirimichi Golf Course

This beautifully scenic and well-maintained golf course in Millington, TN offers a world-class golf experience, an on-site shop, and a clubhouse for hosting special events. If you can’t stop the feeling of playing a good round of golf here, you’ve got its famous owner Justin Timberlake to thank for that.

6195 Woodstock Cuba Rd, Millington, TN 38053, +1 901-259-3800

Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park

Surrounded by the soothing presence of nature and nearly 13,000 acres of land and trees, the park provides over 20 miles of hiking trails and is noted to be a sanctuary for over 240 types of birds as well as other wildlife. This Important Bird Area in Millington invites visitors to go birdwatching, hiking, fishing, and even camping with the family.

910 Riddick Rd, Millington, TN 38053, +1 901-876-5215

Millington, TN Additional Attractions:

Check out even more fun things to do in and around Millington, TN on the City of Millington website.

Places to Eat in Millington, TN

As stated by the residents, one of the main things to do in Millington is going out for a bite. Regardless of what you’re in the mood for, Millington provides plenty of restaurants to pick from. Here are some of the most popular local restaurants in Millington:

The Haystack

For those looking for great American-style food and live entertainment, The Haystack Bar and Grill in Millington is the place to go! While enjoying tasty cuisine for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can toon in on their Wednesday Bingo and live music on the weekends.

6560 TN-3, Millington, TN 38053, +1 901-872-0567

Pop’s Bar & Grill Millington

Dance along to karaoke and a live DJ while you’re munching on Pop’s Bar and Grill town-famous burgers! Their menu includes everything from French toast and eggs to yummy homemade sandwiches. With a variety of options to choose from on its breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus, Pop’s Bar and Grill will make sure you won’t go hungry!

6365 Navy Rd, Millington, TN 38053, +1 901-872-0353

Millington, TN Map

Discover even more things to do in and around this community with this map of Millington:

Millington, TN Schools & Colleges

Served by Millington Municipal Schools and Shelby County Schools, the wide variety of public schools in Millington are scattered throughout the city. Some of which are E.E. Jeter Elementary/Middle School, and Millington Central High School.

When seeking a college, it’s nice to know that Millington provides over 20 colleges all within 50 miles of its borders. If you’re a student moving to the city of Millington, enjoy free access to public libraries such as the Millington Public Library.

Jobs in Millington, TN

For those looking to earn a living, more businesses and job opportunities are being added to the city of Millington each year. There is a predicted 37.4% job growth to occur over the next decade. The median income in Millington is $56,000 a year, and $13.92 an hour according to Payscale. A few of the most popular employers are The Kroger Company, Ingram Micro Inc, whereas the most common positions are in sales jobs, office and administrative support, and management occupations. If you’re looking for a job, try searching for jobs in and around Millington, TN.

Millington, TN Statistics and Information

Millington of Shelby County has a land area of 22.42 square miles and an elevation of 262 feet. The city’s zip codes are 38053, 38054, 38055, and 38083. The time zone in Millington is Central Standard Time, and the area code is 901.

Tips for Moving to Millington, TN

  • Take advantage of the convenient weather and charming landscape by enjoying outdoor activities like golf and hiking.
  • Feel welcomed by the city’s diversity – both economically and ethnically.
  • Avoid living in areas that have higher crime rates as specified by Crimegrade

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