Top Moving Tips for Families

Moving with kids in tow can add to the stress of an already demanding process. Problems could include encountering issues with maintaining focus, keeping track of pets, preventing little ones from getting underfoot, dealing with resistance to the move and so on. Staying ahead of these potential struggles and making the relocation as painless as possible takes some careful planning.

To help, here are a few effective moving tips for families of all sizes.

Preparing Your Family for an Upcoming Move

Relocation preparation should begin as early as possible when kids are involved. That’s especially true if you’re moving across state lines or internationally. As such, communication and organization should be at the top of your moving the family out of state checklist. Ways to help prepare include:

1. Communicating with your family early

No matter their age, kids will likely be apprehensive of a move. By sharing the news early and talking about their concerns, it gives them more time to process. With younger children, you should communicate the situation in simple terms and answer questions accordingly. Older children and teens should be included in discussions regarding school changes, possible lifestyle adjustments, etc. Be sure to show compassion when addressing concerns, fears or even tears, as this change could be more impactful than you realize.

2. Researching the new area together

After addressing the emotional aspect of moving, move on to the logistics. Depending on the age of your youngsters, you can include them in this step by showing them pictures of the new house and going over details of their new schools. You could also load everyone up in the car for a weekend visit to their future neighborhood. Consider stopping by a kid-friendly attraction to help make the visit as positive as possible.

3. Eliminating clutter 

Whether you opt for a garage sale to recoup a little cash or simply donate, you should plan to declutter well before procuring all those moving boxes. Start with items your children have outgrown or no longer play with and move on to other areas of the house. That way, there’s less to pack, load and unload from the truck and unpack at the new home. If possible, schedule this months in advance to give you the most time to advertise and sell unwanted items.

4. Starting a packing checklist right away

Next, you should get down to the business of packing. Often one of the more strenuous aspects of moving, packing can take much longer than anticipated, which makes it essential to start the organization process sooner, rather than later. If you have really little ones, try doing a little bit each night as they sleep to maintain their sleeping schedule. It’s also helpful to draft a packing checklist and break it down by going room by room.

5. Getting your children involved

While kids have obligations to homework and extracurriculars, they can still help out. One way is to have them pick a color of packing tape for their own room. For instance, one child could have green and another blue to keep items organized and offer an incentive for packing up all their toys and belongings.

6. Booking a trusted moving company with experience moving families

Having professional help can make all the difference in a move. If you’re going to have kids and pets to worry about, consider reaching out to a reliable moving company for a smoother experience. Not only could the experts take care of the heavy lifting, but the right team could boost moving day efficiency while also reducing the risk of injury and broken items.

7. Packing “survival kits” for each member of the family (including pets)

If you have a long drive, consider creating a survival kit for everyone in the car. Using a suitcase, pack a couple changes of clothing, entertainment options and favorite snacks for each family member. You should also pack enough essentials for the first night in the new house to avoid having to search at the end of a long day. Bedding, toys, and portable food and water dishes should also be kept close at hand to keep your pets happy and healthy during the drive. Remember to fully charge any devices you plan to utilize as well.

8. Planning some fun surprises

Arranging an activity is another way to make a long move more positive and keep the family occupied. You could stop by a relative’s home along the way, map out somewhere to get fresh air or even take a trip to an amusement park if time allows.

Big League Moers & Storage Is Here to Lend a Helping Hand

Although moving with family is often difficult, you can make the process easier for everyone to handle with the right prep work and emotional support. At Big League Movers, we can offer you the support you need every step of the way. We provide packing and unpacking services, storage, long-distance moving and so much more to make your upcoming move easier.

Reach out today to learn more about our local moves or if you have any questions!


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