How Far In Advance Do You Need To Book Movers?

Put simply, the answer to the question, “How far in advance do you need to book movers?” is, “Book as soon as possible.” With all the variables involved, it’s best to have this important aspect taken care of sooner rather than later. Otherwise, you risk not getting all the help you need on moving day. There could also be issues that pop up along the way that hinder your plans. Avoid these setbacks by booking movers well in advance of your upcoming move.

Reasons Why You Want to Hire Movers in Advance

There are a lot of benefits to booking early. First and foremost, there’s making sure you get to schedule your top choice for date and time. Another leading advantage is that you have the option to lock in the rate. As more and more people book with a moving company, resources and time slots become competitive. With a locked-in rate, you won’t have to worry about increased rates like you might with a last-minute booking.

Additionally, going this route helps ensure you have the best company for the job at your side. Top-notch companies are often in high demand and book up fast at certain times of the year, sometimes even months out. By securing the right team well ahead of time, you can rest assured your moving day is going to go according to plan. Speaking of plans, a final benefit of scheduling in advance is it’s easier to focus on taking care of all the little moving pieces that come with a relocation.

These reasons and more are why it is so essential to think ahead and determine how far in advance to schedule movers at the onset of your moving preparations.

Recommended Timelines

Although there are several factors that impact how early you should reserve your spot, there are general time ranges you can follow depending on the season and the type of move.

Peak season vs. off-season moves

Typically, summer is considered the peak moving season, since many families buy and move into new homes. What’s more, May and August are very busy as college students are also on the move. Avoid these times by opting for an off-season date or by booking as early as possible.

Local moves (50-100 miles)

For a local move, it’s advised to book your move at least two months beforehand. This is especially important if it’s during the summertime. If you wait too long, you may be faced with limited options or unable to book with the best local moving company. If possible, reserve your date three or four months out just to be safe.

Long-distance moves

Carrying out a long-distance move can be complex. Whether you’re moving across the state or the country, this type of relocation takes careful preparation and plenty of patience. Take away some of the stress by booking your movers at least 12 weeks prior to the move.

Additionally, since these moves require a full day or more, fewer companies may be willing or available for the job. If you want to guarantee you’re getting help from the right crew, book your interstate move at least three to four months in advance.

For international moves, you should seek out a company specializing in moving clients overseas. With all the ins and outs of customs, shipping and so on, working with this kind of organization as soon as possible is critical and ideally should be six months before, if possible.

Parameters of the move

The size of your move also plays a role. For instance, a large, five-bedroom house takes more time and manpower to move than a studio apartment. Be sure to consider the magnitude of the move, any specialty items, packing and unpacking requirements, storage needs and other add-on services to ensure availability for your moving day.

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