How Long Does It Take To Move?

Moving is a time-consuming and often demanding experience. From scheduling the movers to getting started on the endless sorting, giving yourself enough time to prepare and get the job done right is an essential part of the process. Of course, it’s normal to wonder, “how long does it take to move,” especially if this is your first big move.

The answer depends on many factors. For example, if selling and buying a home, the timeline could be affected by contract stipulations. There’s also the routine considerations, such as the size of the space, the amount of stuff, and the distance of the move.

Below, we’ll go over standard timeframes as well as a few pointers on streamlining your upcoming relocation.

Preparing for the Move

Before worrying about how long it takes to pack up a house, you need to take care of the preliminary details. This includes deciding whether you’re fit to take on a DIY move or rely on the professionals who specialize in long-distance or local moving.

When hiring movers, you generally want to begin the process of researching and hiring a reputable moving company as soon as you have the move confirmed. Ideally, this would be a couple of months beforehand. That way, you can get in-house estimates, compare costs, and secure a team for your specific moving date.

Once this is all settled, you should gather all the packing supplies you’ll need, including boxes, packing tape, and padding. Then, it’s recommended to begin gradually packing up the nonessentials roughly four weeks before moving day. This could include fragile decorations in need of a little extra TLC, random items from the garage, and all that timeworn stuff from the attic. Many people find it helpful to sort through each room, make an itinerary of belongings, and donate unused items as they work through this part of the process.

If you keep to an even pace, you can expect packing to take a month. Of course, that changes based on the size of the home, manpower available and amount of free time. Typically, it requires:

  • 10 to 15 hours for a studio or one-bedroom apartment
  • 15 to 20 hours for a two-bedroom home
  • 20+ hours for a three-bedroom home
  • 40+ hours for a four-bedroom home

If you want to drastically cut down on the time it takes to pack, it’s recommended to enlist the help of movers who offer packing services.

Moving Day

For moving day specifically, the timeframe also depends on several factors. These include the number of boxes and bulky items, flights of stairs, the distance between the truck and your home’s entrance, and so on. Again, you can significantly cut down on time for the loading and unloading process by hiring movers.

How long it takes movers to load a truck typically ranges from:

  • two hours for a studio or one-bedroom apartment
  • three hours for a two-bedroom home
  • four to five hours for a three-bedroom home
  • six hours for a four-bedroom home

These estimates are for a four-person team and do not include leeway for any unforeseen obstacles. Then, there is the distance to travel from the previous home to the new. This can greatly impact the time if, let’s say, it’s just across town or all the way across the country.

The Main Takeaway: Every Move Has Its Own Demands and Unique Timeframe

As you’ve read, there are a lot of elements at play when it comes to how long a move is going to take. One surefire way to diminish the time — and the effort on your part — is to partner with reliable movers.

Here at Big League Movers & Storage, we have the tools and expertise to make your relocation as positive an experience as possible. Reach out to us today to learn more about our time-saving services or to get started with your free moving quote!


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