Can You Hire Movers Just To Load Or Unload A Truck?

There are a lot of ins and outs when it comes to planning a move. There’s deciding if you should hire help or rely on friends, where to rent a truck, what time to schedule everything, and so on. During this process, you may be wondering, “Can you hire movers just to load a truck?” Rest assured; the answer is yes!

Hiring movers to load a U-Haul or other rental can be the perfect balance between doing it yourself versus commissioning full-service movers. By taking on the heavy lifting of loading and unloading, these professionals free up time for you to focus on other necessary moving tasks. Plus, it helps avoid pulled muscles, crushed fingers, and back pains. As you plan out the steps of an upcoming move, consider taking on labor-only movers to relieve your burdens while staying within budget.

Determining Which Option Is Best for You

Deciding whether or not to use movers often comes down to the parameters of the move, who will be helping, etc. To help choose the most suitable option, consider your answers to questions such as:

Is your move local or long distance?

Family and friends who may be willing to help in a local move might not be able to accommodate the demands of a long-distance relocation.

How much needs to be moved?

The number of boxes and pieces of furniture could be handled on your own if it’s just a small apartment. A large house with several bedrooms full of belongings, however, is a hefty task best left to those with the tools and expertise to properly handle it.

Are there any health issues that might be exacerbated by heavy lifting?

The amount of effort required to haul heavy items all day may be too much for some, especially those with heart problems, previous injuries, and similar health issues. Hiring movers helps to protect their health by avoiding excessive stress and strain.

The Advantages of Hiring Pros

There are numerous benefits of enlisting professional help for moving — even if it’s just for loading and unloading. Along with mitigating the risk of personal injury, those who opt for qualified movers take advantage of:

  • Decreased risk of damage: Professional movers have the tools, supplies, and industry solutions to keep your property and belongings safe when loading or unloading the truck. If you have bulky, fragile, or expensive items, their support could end up saving you big time.
  • Increased efficiency: From maximizing the space in the moving truck to how quickly they work, professional movers can have your move taken care of as smoothly and quickly as possible. It’s because of this reason that many turn to their expertise when time is short.
  • Reasonably priced services: If you have the packing and other prep work taken care of, using professional movers to load and unload is a cost-effective route that won’t break the bank. How much does it cost to hire movers to load a truck? With hourly rates and custom moving packages, you can scale the costs to just get the help you need and stay on budget.

Trust Big League Movers to See You Through

Here at Big League Movers, we offer by-the-hour moving labor help you can tailor to fit the exact amount of packing and loading services you need. Plus, you get the benefit of well-trained and background-checked moving specialists when you partner with us. All that’s left for you to do is supply the truck and let us handle the rest!

If you want a licensed, bonded, and insured moving company on your side, look no further than Big League Movers! Reach out today to learn more about our customizable services and dedication to customer satisfaction or to receive a free local moving labor estimate.

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