Memphis Storage Units Guide [2022] | Best Storage Units in Memphis [list with tips]

If your home or office is overflowing with items, you’re not alone! You probably need to put it away for some time, which leads us to the best Memphis storage facilities. When it’s time to keep your belongings safe and secure, you’ll need a top-rated storage center. Good Memphis storage facilities should have 24 hour security, affordable pricing, and multiple sizes of storage units. You’ll also want to look at the hours that the company has so you know when you can access your items. If you’ve been looking for the most popular Memphis storage company to go with, we have a list of the best ones below.

Types of Storage in Memphis

There are multiple types of storage in Memphis to choose from. The three main ones are self-storage, warehouse storage, and mobile or pod storage. Self storage is what you will often see off the freeways or other streets. These are easy-to-access units that you can put your own belongings in at any time. They are often monitored by cameras and have an on-site security person. These units also come in multiple sizes. However, the one downside to self storage in Memphis is that you won’t usually be able to fit extremely large items in your unit.

If you’re looking to store larger items, warehouse storage is what you will use. This is often through a large storage or moving company. Basically, you’ll fill up a large shipping container with your belongings. Then, the company will take it from you and relocate it to a storage facility. You cannot access it at any time and will often need to give a few days of notice before you get it. This is best for long term storage in Memphis. Moving companies like Big League Movers can also come to you, get your items and store them safely in their warehouse.

Mobile storage is where a company will drop off a pod that you fill up with your belongings. Once you have it filled, they can drop it off at your new property or stack it with other containers. These come in multiple sizes and are great for short term storage.

Choosing the Best Storage Companies in Memphis

Different Memphis storage companies have many things to offer. It’s best to look at a few things to help you decide which facility will work for you:

  • Accessibility: When do you need to get your items? Will it be the next few days? Or, do you want the option to have it at all times? If so, self storage is best because it’s the most accessible.
  • Security: You want your belongings to be safe, but Memphis warehouse storage is going to be the most secure. Since they’re stacked and in a large facility, people can’t access this at all. Ensure your storage facility has a gate, adequate lighting, and surveillance.
  • Location: Obviously, the location is important so you can get to it quickly. If you want your items as soon as possible, you need a place nearby you.
  • Size: Renting multiple units doesn’t make sense. You need a size that will adequately fit all of your belongings.
  • Cost: Check out the average price of storage units in Memphis so you know just how much you’re going to be spending. You don’t want to overpay!

Storage Sense | Best for climate-controlled storage in Memphis

The great thing about Storage Sense is that they have multiple sizes for their storage units in Memphis. They start as small at a locker that’s 4’x4’ and as large as 10’x20’. All of their units are temperature controlled, so if you have any delicate belongings that won’t do well in the heat or in the freezing cold, this is a great place to go. They’re also fairly affordable storage in Memphis that start at just $20 a month. They have elevators and video surveillance, but they don’t have drive up storage units.

Storage Sense, 1485 Madison Ave, Memphis, TN 38104, (901) 725-9992

Extra Space Storage | Best Memphis storage for large items

If you have large items that need to be stored, this is the perfect place to store. They have units as big as 10’x40’ for as low as $400 per month. However, they also have smaller units as well that are 5’x5’. Extra Space Storage is a chain, so there are locations all over the country. Many of these units have drive up access, which means you can load your car right up to the garage to get your belongings out. They also have 24 hour surveillance, and you can access your belongings until 10 PM at night.

Extra Space Storage, 2939 Poplar Ave, Memphis, TN 38111, (901) 452-1177

Move It Self Storage | Affordable Self Storage in Memphis

Move It also has units of all sizes, and they are very affordable. Prices start under $40 and stay under $100. The units are well lit and fully fenced in, and security is their top priority. There is a resident manager that watches over the units throughout the day and night, and you need an access code to get through the gate. Another great thing about this storage company in Memphis is that they offer month to month contracts, so you don’t have to pay a bunch of money upfront or commit to anything.

Move It Self Storage, 2700 Getwell Rd, Memphis, TN 38118, (901) 362-0031

Devon Self Storage | Best for cheap large storage

Though Devon Self Storage has small units, their best value is in their large units. They offer sizes of 15’x20’ for just over $100 per month, and that includes drive up access. So, if you need to store a lot of furniture or large items, then you’re in luck here. It’s affordable, offers multiple sizes, and it is kept well secured. There is a gate around with an access code, they have specific hours you can reach your items, and there is an on-site manager. All of the units are ground floor, making it easy to bring your stuff in.

Devon Self Storage, 4705 Winchester Rd, Memphis, TN 38118, (901) 567-2706

Fairgrounds Mini Storage | Best for small items

If you don’t care whether your unit is climate controlled or not, this is one of the best storage companies in Memphis. You get to choose from multiple units from sizes as small as 5’x5’ and as large as 10’x30’. However, these are not climate controlled, so if you have items that will be damaged from the outside weather, then you’re better going with someone else. However, because it’s not climate controlled, it’s very affordable. Their prices range from $40-$200.

Fairgrounds Mini Storage, 2472 Southern Ave, Memphis, TN 38111, (901) 324-6789

Germantown Storage | Storage and Parking in Memphis

If you’re looking for storage as well as RV parking in Memphis, you don’t want to miss out on this Memphis storage company. Germantown Storage has been family owned and operated since 1980, and they also offer parking for personal vehicles, boats, and RVs. The security is top-notch as well. In addition to a gate with an access code, they keep the lights on throughout the night and have a manager on site to watch over everything.

Germantown Storage, 3275 Hacks Cross Rd, Memphis, TN 38125, (901) 754-4444

Public Storage | Well known Memphis storage

Public Storage is a company that is very well known. They have locations all around the United States, and it’s easy to sign up whenever you want. They’re known for having great security systems, and you can trust your belongings to be safe. The sizes offered are 5’x5’ up to 10’x20’. 

Public Storage, 2878 Covington Pike, Memphis, TN 38128, (901) 302-9731

If you’re looking up storage in Memphis because you’re relocating, let us help! Big League Movers is a top-rated Memphis moving company ready to help! We can transfer your items to your storage unit, help you move them to a new property, and provide storage solutions for you. Call us today at 901-446-3560 for a free quote!


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