How Much Do Movers Cost For A Local Move?

Does an upcoming move have you stressed out? With all the planning, packing and prep work, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Of course, there are the costs to worry about, as well. While some may view hiring movers as too expensive, having a team of trustworthy professionals on your side could really pay off in the end.

One of the best ways to help ease your mind about the costs and concerns is through research. That way, you can have a better understanding of whether doing-it-yourself or hiring movers is the right course of action.

To help get you started, let’s go over some important points of consideration and the answers to common questions such as, “How much does a local move cost?”

Certain Factors Impact the Total Cost

First, those in charge of a move should know that the cost to hire movers locally varies. A lot of factors can influence the total amount. For instance, the specific details of a home — such as how many flights of stairs are involved — could be a contributing factor. Other considerations may include the amount of packing supplies, the number of movers needed, storage requirements and if there are any specialty items, such as a piano.

One of the most common factors that impacts price is how much work is expected of the movers. If you’re thinking of having a full-service move — where they handle all the packing, unpacking, loading, furniture assembly, etc. — the price is going to increase. If, on the other hand, you just want someone to help load and unload a truck you rented, the price should be lower. These “labor-only” movers may charge by the hour, whereas full-service may charge by the room (along with other specifications).

Generally, you can expect a local move to fall into these basic price ranges:

Labor-only movers:

  • Studio: $150-$300
  • 1-bedroom: $200-$350
  • 2-bedroom: $250-$450
  • 3-bedroom: $300-$550
  • 4+ bedrooms: $350-$800

Full-service moving:

  • Studio: $300-$600
  • 1-bedroom: $400-$650
  • 2-bedroom: $550-$850
  • 3-bedroom: $600-$1,150
  • 4+ bedrooms: $850-$1,350

After you’ve determined the parameters of the move, call your local moving company for an estimate. They can go over the contributing factors with you and give an approximation for the labor expenses, truck and gas fees, cost of packing supplies, and so on.

The Potential for Hidden Fees or Additional Costs

While most moving companies will do their best to give a reliable quote, there is the potential that a particular matter was missed or something came up unexpectedly. Examples of such conditions include:

  • Peak moving times: Scheduling the move for a weekend or at the beginning or end of the month will likely make it cost more.
  • Hauling distance: The more steps from the truck to your items, the longer the move will last. If opting for hourly movers, this could add up quick for a multilevel home. Furthermore, some companies may charge a “long carry fee” if the moving truck can’t be parked close enough to your doorstep.
  • Delays: Unpacked belongings and hard-to-disassemble furniture can slow down movers. As a result, these obstacles may cost you more as the movers wait around for you to finish packing and tie up loose ends.
  • Bulky items: Some companies may charge what’s known as a “hoisting fee” if specialized equipment or personnel are needed for really big items.

Tips to Help You Reduce the Cost

  • Source your own packing materials.
    • Collect sturdy boxes from grocery stores or save up packaging from deliveries to cut back on packing supply costs.
  • Don’t procrastinate.
    • Use a moving preparation guide to make sure you’re fully packed, boxes are taped securely and items are ready to go on time.
  • Secure a parking spot for the moving truck.
    • Make sure the spot is as close to the entrance of your house or apartment as possible.
  • Store sealed moving boxes in one location.
    • Whether it’s your garage, front entryway or kitchen, having all your moving boxes together can help streamline the work and save time.
  • Measure bulky items beforehand
    • To avoid the need for a hoisting or rigging service, make sure any appliances and big furniture pieces can fit through your doorways.
  • Strategize the moving date.
    • Cut costs by scheduling for a weekday or a time outside of typical leasing cycles.

Unexpected Costs When Moving By Yourself

With all the costs of hiring movers, you may be thinking of taking on the hefty task yourself. Be warned, this may also come with expenses you might not have considered. You might end up paying more for unexpected surcharges for the truck rental, reimbursement for those friends who are lending a hand, or maybe the price of necessary equipment — such as moving blankets or a heavy-duty dolly.

There’s also the possibility of personal injury, a traffic accident or damaged belongings to consider when hauling everything yourself. With properly insured movers, these situations may be covered. However, if you’re on your own, the costs are your responsibility. Lastly, you may need to pay temporary storage fees if your friends come up short, the weather turns or things simply don’t go according to plan.

As you weigh the options, keep in mind that having the right professional movers on your side can help you avoid such hassles and incidentals.

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