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Local Moving Crew Leader Charles smiling

Charles Martin - Crew Leader

Charles Martin, originally from Brooklyn, NY, is one of the nicest guys around Big League Movers and easily has the best attitude!

Charles is excited about moving everyday and really enjoys interacting with customers and accommodating their needs. Rain or shine, Charles is ready to seize the day and enjoys the challenges that each individual move offers.

Charles regularly receives compliments for his great work ethic and willingness to take on even the largest tasks that any move has to offer. 

 And just look at that smile!

Local Mover Todd and his daughter

Todd Fields - Crew Leader

Originally from New York, Todd is definitely a leader amongst the guys. But, having such a strong liking of the Yankees and Cowboys...he does catch some flak from them as well!

Todd is both a customer and crew favorite. All of our customers have great things to say about him and all of the guys want to move with him.

He is also a huge music fan...especially the 80's genre. 

We are blessed to have Todd; he is well spoken, kind, and has a great sense of humor! He even brought his brother on board with Big League!

Mover Chris in the office 

Dr. Christopher Huebner - Crew Leader

 Chris comes to us from S. Carolina and is actually a former customer of Big League movers!

There is not enough room on this website to describe the accomplishments Chris has made. He holds multiple degrees including a Ph.D in Engineering from Clemson University. He is very adamant about doing his part in the global energy crisis and certainly has the skills to do so!

In his free time, Chris enjoys physics, the outdoors, video games, and he has even played in a few bands.

In short...he's our resident genius! He is also the Mayor on our Four Square...

 Local Moving Crew Leader Tom with his family

Tom Daley - Crew Leader

A former Marine from Wisconsin, Tom served as a scout sniper in Iraq for two deployments.

His family brought him here to Atlanta. He has two sons named Branston and Landon who are 5 and 3 years old.

Tom has a thing about tarter sauce...he loves it. Its a little weird, but it makes sense considering how much he likes to go fishing.

Tom is a hard worker, and one of those people who thoroughly enjoys it. He plans to attend college in the near future while continuing to work and raise his family. 

Mover Pete ready for some outdoor fun 

Pete Stahmer - Crew Leader

 Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, Pete is a former marine and is all about the outdoors.

Pete served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan with the U.S. Marine Corps as a fireteam leader and weapons instructor...he and Tom Daley are even roomies.

Pete loves hiking and camping and is always on the lookout for a new park or new trail. 

Pete actually came to the south to explore new regions and is constantly looking for a new adventure!


Local Mover Shannon in the office 

Shannon Fields - Crew Leader

You may recognize Shannon's last name, as he is Todd Fields' brother!

Also from New York, Shannon joined the BLM team shortly after Todd. Like his brother, Shannon is very kind, well spoken and is another customer favorite.

Naturally, Shannon likes the Yankees and the Knicks but he is also a San Francisco 49ers fan. He enjoys working out and watching any type of sports whenever he can.

Shannon has been another blessing to the BLM team. He is a natural leader and always receives compliments from customers!

 Local Moving Crew Leader Anthony getting ready for a move

Anthony Cooley - Crew Leader

Anthony's route to Big League Movers is an interesting one. While spending some time away from his home here in Atlanta, Anthony actually started on the Big League Memphis crew. When it was time for him to come home, he stuck with us!

Anthony has lots of experience in the moving and logistics industries and has been a real asset. 

Anthony is a hard worker and employee favorite. The guys love him because knows how to do things quickly and efficiently, and he just  does them right! His experience and know how have made him a great crew leader!


Andrew Tornatore - Crew Leader


One of the movers, James, smiling 

James Robichaud - Crew Leader

Much like his home of New York, James Robichaud and his family are multi-cultural. From Spanish and Caucasian to Filipino and African American, James and his family are very appreciative of their diversity.

James is our family man! He has 4 children and a huge immediate family that occupies most of his free time! He went to college in both New York and California for TV Production and Marketing.

It only takes a few moments of speaking with James to realize how kind hearted he is! If have James on your move, we are confident you will agree!

Mover Michael in an Atlanta Falcons uniform

Michael Bozeman - Crew Leader

After playing football for the Ole Miss Rebels, Michael Bozeman went on to play overseas, in the arena league, and even for the Atlanta Falcons.

Michael holds a degree in graphic design from Ole Miss and still enjoys drawing in his free time. He also enjoys fishing and spending time with his son, Michael.

As you can tell from his success in his football career, Michael enjoys tackling challenges and getting things done. But, he is also extremely sociable and well spoken.

This has earned him the nick name "The Gentle Giant".

Atlanta Mover Kenyon

Kenyon Willis - Crew Leader

 Kenyon is one of our few original Atlantans! He played football at North Alabama University and graduated with a degree in Political Science.

In his free time, Kenyon does a WHOLE LOT of fishing! His favorite spot is Lake Allatoona. He also enjoys going to the beach as much as possible. Like all of our movers Kenyon has his favorite teams...He is an Atlanta Falcons and Miami Heat fan.

Kenyon has two brothers and a sister and loves his family!

 Local mover Brian just finished moving

Brian Stamm - Crew Leader

Brian Stamm first came to Georgia to attend the Art  Institute of Atlanta where he graduated with a degree in the culinary arts.

Before leaving his home town of Kansas City, Brian played two years of college basketball at the University of Missouri Kansas City.

In his free time her enjoys cooking...obviously! Brian is a pretty laid back guy who doesn't let much get to him. He is always calm, cool, and collected even when carrying a 200 lb washer down three flights of stairs in the Georgia heat!

You may have noticed the suit of armor in the background...we don't really know what to say about that. He's our security guard??


Desmond Powell - Crew Leader

 Desmond Powell, originally from Durham, North Carolina, came to Atlanta to pursue a degree in Electronic Engineering.

Like many of our movers, Desmond enjoys sports and being outdoors as much as possible. Being from North Carolina, he is naturally a UNC fan and likes the Celtics in the NBA.

Desmond is another laid back guy who takes everything in stride. Are worried about getting that huge couch down the stairs? Because Desmond is not!

Mover Wes giving a thumbs up

Wes Hendrickson - Mover

Wes Hendrickson comes to Big League Movers Atlanta from Columbia, TN. He is a graduate of MTSU with a degree in Biology/Chemistry.

Wes is a great mover...there is no question about that. But, he serves two equally important roles as well. Firstly, Wes is quite easily the funniest guy around the office. One cannot help laughing when Wes is around. Secondly, he is currently in school to be a chiropractor. You can imagine how great that is for a bunch of guys who lift heavy things for a living!

We aren't sure why, but Wes is also known as 'Wes-side', 'Nighthawk', Wicked Witch of the Wes', and many others...see what we mean about him being funny?

Calvin smiling in the office before heading out on a local move

Calvin Penn - Mover

 Calvin comes to Big league Movers by way of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands.

Calvin keeps things pretty light around the office as well. He accepted Wes Hendrickson's bio of being the "funniest person in the office" as a challenge.

 In his free time Calvin likes playing basketball. He's a Green Bay Packers and San Antonio Spurs fans.

Calvin has 15+ years of moving experience. He is one of those guys that nothing phases him anymore and he always has that upbeat and charismatic attitude that can turn the dreaded moving day into a fun experience.

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